THING 6 The Google Reader

My first thought is that the getting these feeds is OVERWHELMING. When I first got a cell phone that had Internet access, I set up my email. I realized then how much junk mail I get every day. I found myself deleting, deleting, deleting, and finally, unsubscribing to many of the sites. When I first open the reader, I try to read everything. The first few days I actually was pretty well caught up with the five main sites we had to add. But now? I have the original five (because I like them) AND a bunch more. As soon as you hit subscribe, they come flying out. And, one word, like I said, OVERWHELMING. I was going to remove some of them, but then I talked myself into realizing that I don’t have to read every single one of them. Once my OCD self accepted this, I realized the whole experience can be really helpful. I need to work on the art of skimming and scanning, but I think I can eventually learn to find what is helpful to me. There is just so much out there!I did find a few really neat blogs, several that I plan to read frequently (daily??). The first is a writing workshop website. When I taught public school, we had three 90-minute language arts blocks a day. This was the perfect environment for a writing workshop, and workshop we did. Recently however, I have not had the time or the creativity to truly incorporate this into my teaching. I feel like blogging may be the answer…?  The blog to which I am referring is completed by two writing teachers — one in northern Indiana and the other in East Harlem. They blog, their students blog, and basically it’s a really cool website all about writing and sharing writing, and doing so via the BLOG. Another interesting blog is called Learning is Messy. It’s a pretty no-nonsense blog with titles like, Video Conferencing in the Classroom, Questioning Student Blogging, using iPhones in the Classroom, etc… all things I’d like to read more about. And last, but surely not least, in my FUN trivia of the day page, I learned that were he still alive, Knute Rockne would be 120 years old tomorrow, March 4, 2008. 

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